What Is the Major Differences Between Landscaping and Gardening?

 Whether you’re gardening or landscaping, both actually involve maintaining and creating aesthetically and functional pleasing spaces in the outdoor area of your residential or commercial property. In golf courses, parks, tiny back yards and even building complexes, both activities can be professions or hobbies. Despite the similarities between gardening and landscaping, differences still exist between them. However, the line that is separating the two is usually subjective and blurry. In this article, you will be able to learn the differences of landscape design in Irvine California and gardening. 



During the 16th century, Dutch artists used the term “landschap” in order to describe scenery paintings on land. So, the term “landscape”, is a modern English word borrowed from the Dutch word landschap and it refers to an image of outdoor spaces. Therefore, landscaping is about visualizing pictures for a space as well as creating that certain space. In addition to that, landscaping also incorporates into the outdoor space some botanical elements like lawns, trees, shrubbery as well as other flora along with some hardscapes like planting beds, furniture, water features, pathways as well as different designs of fences.  

Landscape Professionals 

Landscape designers, architects, as well as contractors perform different yet overlapping services. As a matter of fact, landscape architects need a degree in the architectural landscaping and they should pass a national examination in order to obtain a license. In addition to that, these professionals also work on a wide variety of project scales and types, from designing as well as implementing a residential or commercial yard to planning resorts, transportation facilities, and even waterfront developments.  

Aside from that, landscape designers don’t require a formal education. However, professional associations can be able to accredit them basing on their own design work history. Thus, professional designers usually work on small residential projects and might not necessarily work with big landscape contractors right after they have completed the design process. Also, landscaping service providers implement the building’s designer or architect’s vision and incorporating the botanical elements and hardscape. Landscape contractors can also limit their services to maintenance of gardens and yards, in which particular case they’re essentially professional gardeners. 


Gardening, just like landscaping, also involves planning, design and maintenance. However, gardening often involves only the plants in an outdoor space. Gardeners and landscape designers can be able to sketch designs for a yard or garden as well as determine a list of plants, but only the experts in gardening will weed, plant, replace, cultivate as well as harvest the plants. Furthermore, gardening is considered as an ongoing activity since it requires specialized and tending care throughout the year. Aside from that, gardening also requires expertise and knowledge from knowledgeable and experienced individuals when it comes to several natural processes such as climates, soil ecology, water drainage, plant physiology as well as pest infestations.  

Gardening Professionals 

Expert gardeners may have a degree in botany or horticulture. Other professional and expert gardeners might also complete a certain master gardener program in order to be considered as a professional and master gardener. 


Reasons Why We Should Hire a Landscape Architect

The landscape architects will definitely increase your home’s value. Thus, hiring a landscape architect can add as much as fifteen percent of its original worth over comparable houses. As a matter of fact, it is one of the perfect investments for your home. A landscape architect is fully equipped with the right tools and equipment to design outdoor living space, which will not just increase the value, but also enlarge your outdoor living space while letting you enjoy all the nature’s blessing has to give. 

Landscape Architect 

Outdoor kitchens, patios, fire pits or fireplaces, fountains, installed seating, and even arbors can create a space which is both environmentally sustainable and inviting.  

The landscape architects do have plans. One big advantage when you hire a landscape architect is that they are skilled and has the knowledge about landscape systems. In fact, they will get to assess the problems and possibilities in your property areas, and create solid plans which addresses both the exact details and the big picture of how your commercial or residential landscape will look like. In addition to that, they will also aid you choose the best materials, colors, textures and styles for the landscape projects. This landscape architect can handle all the stress, details and get to save you more time. 

The landscape architects sketch low-maintenance gardens showing wonderful native plants. Some are actually looking for a low-maintenance garden, the native plants are highly recommended, and a landscape architect shall include them in your landscape designs. These native plants decrease water costs and absolutely reduce application of chemicals, and insects like butterflies and bumble bees add more exciting ambience. Another trend which uses native plants is the xeriscaping, which also decreases the use of irrigation or supplemental watering. 

The landscape architects always know the placement of the trees to reduce energy bills. The correct placement of the large shrubs and trees can definitely reduce energy bills by lowering cooling and heating costs, and an experienced landscape architect knows absolutely where these plants should be placed. 

The landscape architects include permeable paving. Permeable paving may offer answers for the flooding of the streets or just add physical attractiveness to sidewalks and patios, while encouraging groundwater recharge and reducing runoff. As a matter of fact, landscape architects will incorporate permeable paving into the design of your home landscape. 

The landscape architects do beautiful rain garden designs. An experienced landscape architect will make a strategically placed rain garden in your backyard which may be affected by seasonal flooding. In addition to that, the rain gardens also provide a habitat for beneficial insects and birds. These rain gardens aid to drain rainwater runoff away from lawns and sidewalks and allow water to access back into the ground. They’re more wonderfully attractive than an ordinary storm drain. 

The landscape architects do natural swimming pool designs. Unlike some regular aquamarine-colored pools, a natural swimming pool looks and oftentimes acts like a natural pond. It also offers all the advantages of chlorinated swimming pool with lesser maintenance and harsh chemicals. Landscape architects will work to help create a wonderful and an all-natural backyard pool and they will make sure that you’ll have a beautiful landscape design in Irvine. 


How Important is a Professionally Designed Landscape?

Of course, you wouldn’t want to construct a residential or commercial building without a professionally detailed planning and design in hand, so, the question is, why should your own landscaping design be any different? As a matter of fact, there is much more to a sustainable, functional commercial landscaping than just adding in some turf, flowers, trees and plants as well as calling it a day. In order to have a commercial or residential property that is attractive, much easier to maintain and is not riddled with any expensive problems, you need to have a very detailed and professional design. In this article, we will discuss about the benefits that you can be able to receive from having a professional and detailed design for your residential or commercial landscaping. 

Designed Landscape 

Reduces theMaintenance that Your Property Needed 

Native plants are not the only part of having a professional designed landscape as it can limit the maintenance that your place needs. As a matter of fact, you can also be able to place other features on your commercial or residential property forcefully in order to cut back on the certain amount of maintenance needed.  

For instance, if there are any areas in your yard that is out of sight and with little traffic, such as around a retention pond, you can have a design with taller grasses as it do not need to be regularly cut. In addition to that, if you have much steeper slopes, chances are you can be able to install groundcovers or retaining walls so it does not need to be mowed regularly, which is more costly and difficult because of the inclination. 

EffectivelyIncorporatesNative Plants in Your Property 

All plants are not created equal. Unless you want to spend more money for a higher water bill and maintenance, you will want to have beautiful native plants included in your own commercial or residential landscape design and this is something that only a professional and expert in the field will know how to perform. 

As a matter of fact, native plants are sustainable and this is something that tenants have come to expect. In addition to that, native plants will also thrive better in your own residential or commercial landscape design.   

Helps the Traffic Flow of Your Landscape

Whether you have a little residential green space or a sprawling commercial property, you will surely want to make sure that your place is professionally designed in order to control the flow of traffic. 

Fortunately, a professional landscape design will show visitors and tenants how they can get from one location to another without having to walk through your plant bends and lush grass. 

Aside from that, a professionally designed landscape can also be able to incorporate other important elements such as foliage along walkways, decorative fences and even lighted areas. You can also install hard turf in certain areas, which receive a lot of traffic. In order to do so, you need to hire a professional for a reliable landscape design.