Common Mistakes of Carpet Cleaners

There’s nothing like hiring a professional to clean your smelly carpet. We can imagine you smiling from afar because of the convenience you’ll have. All those stains and allergens will soon be wiped off once your carpet cleaners will do the job. But here’s an inevitable fact: some of these cleaners tend to lose their professionalism and stick to ways that are downright wrong. As homeowners, it is your duty to safeguard your home against any harm- and that includes common mistakes professional carpet cleaners make.  

Mistake 1- Furniture marks
We can blame tardiness for this mishap. Some carpet cleaning operators are too lazy to remove furniture before performing wet or moist cleaning system. They just do the work. As an effect, the damp carpet is in contact with the furniture. This now leaves a mark to the carpet itself. This can look unappealing. Instruct the cleaners to either remove the furniture out of the room/area to be cleaned or place foam blocks under the furniture to serve as protection. 


Mistake 2- Poor quotation for clients
A tangible form of poor communication for this transaction is the cleaners’ service quotation. It features not detailed services. This leaves the you, the client, with lots of questions (ranging from pre-treatment to liability insurance). If these questions are not answered, this will give you frustrations; for in the first place, they did not fully present what to expect with their service. To top it all of, they have underperformed what is asked of them to do.  


A professional carpet cleaner who is true to her/his field will always be adamant in giving lackluster quotations. The quote s/he gives will always be detailed so that the client will be comfortable in paying what is duly accorded with the service.  


Mistake 3- Opting out soil retardants 

Soil retardant treatment is expensive. Most small-time operators want to erase this to cut cost. Cutting cost is one of their ways to make their going rate cheap; hence, enticing first-time clients to take advantage of their service. First time clients do not know the importance of this treatment. It prevents soaking of the carpet’s new spills. While this may be an option, professional carpet cleaners should at least educate the people of its benefits.  


Mistake 4- Fighting tough odor 

While it is true that cleaning dirty carpets can directly give a good smell, this might not be the case of carpets with heavy molds in it. With the use of antimicrobial treatment, it will take time to remove the foul odor as it has already colonized the entire carpet. Deodorizers can be a solution to this caveat. However, not everybody is a fan of it because of its unpleasant smell. Buying a new carpet can also be a solution. However, it will be costly for the clients. In fighting odor, cleaners must lay down all of the options with full disclosure.  


The essence of carpet cleaning service stems from tidiness and hardwork. Honest carpet cleaners know what it means to render good quality carpet cleaning. This means deliberately avoiding these mistakes; for they know the hassle of dealing with dirty carpets and they believe you do not deserve such dilemma.  

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